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Best Towing in Carson City, NV – August 2023

Best Towing in Carson City, NV - August 2023

The pictures from the 1920s show angle-in parking downtown. The city wants to narrow Carson Street and bring back on-street parking. This plan depends on there being good alternatives, easy detours that funnel people around Carson Street.

Ideally, people who drive through downtown will be so impressed that they will plan their evenings or even their trips around going to downtown.

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Tow Truck In Carson City NV isn’t exactly known as a place that people are drawn to, either for spending money or just hanging out. Mostly it’s just a place that people go to if they want to shop, or eat at one of the few businesses that haven’t abandoned the area, or to catch a train excursion on the V&T Railroad or Sierra Railroad. And it hasn’t really been a destination in a long time, so we need to make some changes to make it more inviting.

Probably the most significant change that’s being discussed is bringing on-street parking back to Carson Street, something that was abolished decades ago to deal with traffic congestion. There’s been a lot of naysaying about this plan, with many people predicting huge traffic jams once it goes into effect. I think this is the wrong way to look at it. First, downtown Carson already has bypass roads: Roop, Division, Stewart, etc.

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It’s been decades since Carson City brought on-street parking to its downtown streets. There’s been a movement lately to bring it back, mostly in response to the fact that the freeway is going to eliminate most of the “just passing through” traffic that used to clog up downtown. There are bypass roads (Stewart, Roop, Division) that people can use to get around the city, so there really isn’t a need for Carson Street to be congested, even when it’s full of cars and large trucks. Nevertheless, many are concerned about the impact this will have when it’s done, and predict huge traffic jams.

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The funny thing about traffic is that, while we tend to think of it as chaotic and random, there are actually a lot of patterns. One of them is that when a road becomes congested, drivers will shift to another one that’s not. This is why we have so many bypass roads, like Stewart, Roop, Division, and Curry. These routes have become the default options for people who are just driving through town and don’t want to deal with crowded Carson Street.

It’s this dynamic that is behind the city’s plan to bring on-street parking back to downtown Carson City. This is a big change, and it’s definitely not without controversy. But the idea makes a lot of sense. The city wants to reclaim the curbs for cars and small trucks, so that it’s more friendly for hanging out and strolling around. It’s also the reason they want to do away with that eyesore across from the train depot, the Downtowner Motor Inn.

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